KAIJU CATZ: Meow Meow Kaiju Fight

What is Kaiju Catz?

Kaiju Catz is a tile based table-top battle game where players select a Cat, then collect powerful equipment and energy to to become a monsterous mecha-kaiju, and fight to defend their planet!

The Story

After a surprise intergalactic attack on the Planet MewN’yaa, only four Combat Schools survived in the rubble. With limited resouces. General Rawr could choose only the strongest to be the world’s champion, so he challenged the best of their best to a war zone brawl. With only their talents, and scraps of a decimated Mecha Kaiju arsenal, the fight would reveal the world’s last, best hope against the wretched and seething hordes!

The mission: Use what you can, battle to the end, be the last one standing to defend the planet.

Where We Started vs Where We Are

What started as a passing thought a in 2022, and lay dormant until early 2023, has become a prototype for a new tabletop game. I didn’t do it alone though. My daughters were all at home for Midwinter break and needed something to do for the hours they couldn’t be on electronics. They play tested the hell out of this game, offering feedback on ideas, art, and gameplay.

It began as just a few sketched out ideas on paper and iPad. Then it moved to wood where we drew the characters and equipment by hand, as needed. From there it went to a laser cut and scribed set of tiles,and finally to printed cardstock, and official looking rules. All the while, it has spawned many afternoons of joy (and a few arguments), that taught us what was fun (and what was frustrating) about the game as we chiseled off the rough edges.

Now we're sharing it with you! We hope you get as much fun and hours of enjoyment from it as we have. Remember, at the end of the day you're fighting to find the champion of the planet so that you can save the world. If you don't win this time, next time it could be you!

More Optional Rules

As we continue to play the game, more fun rules and options emerge to either speed things up, or add additional challenges, options, or depth to the game. Here are a few of our favorites:

The "Oceanic" Rim

Players choose two Catz instead of one and use bonuses from both during their turn. If one head is knocked defeated, all rolls by the remaining head are at a penalty of -2.

Move it or lose it

On a Cat'z Move action phase, if they do not move, rotate the Terrain tile they're on 108 degrees (upside down) so that it is pointing south instead of north. All of that Terrain tile's modifiers are now zero until the Cat moves somewhere else. Once they move, flip it back. This is meant to reflect that sitting in one place makes it easier to target, and using all the resources in a location causes them to be temporarily expended.

Super Charging (2 or more sets)

If playing with more than one set, it’s possible to pick up two of the same Part. With duplicate parts, it is possible to stack them, effectively super charging the stacked Part. This will grant double the effect, or in the case of Piston Leg or Bola Arm, two effects.